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Let's Get Organized

Inspired Spaces is an Austin-based, women-owned professional organizing company dedicated to creating beautifully organized homes and small businesses. We collaborate with you to declutter and implement new systems tailored to your space, and we source only the highest-quality products that reflect your personal style and make maintenance a breeze.


We also specialize in moving and relocation support (i.e., packing, unpacking, and setup services). Our team works closely with your moving company to ensure a seamless transition and a perfectly organized home environment from day one.

Our Process
We initiate every project with a free, no-obligation FaceTime/Zoom consultation where you'll take us on a tour your space and share a bit about your organizational challenges as well as your vision for the space.



We use this visit to take precise measurements of cabinets, drawers, and other storage areas, ensuring we arrive on day one of the project with the perfect products in which to organize your belongings. Additionally, we generally assess your home's style and color palette to select products that seamlessly blend with your décor. This step is optional; if you prefer, we can perform these activities on the official first day of your project.



After our meeting, you will receive an email containing proposed dates for your project and a link to your portal. In the portal, you can access the Service Agreement, complete our Project Kickoff Survey, and submit a $500.00 deposit to confirm your booking.



Our team comes prepared with all the necessary supplies for a seamless start to your project. We begin by sorting your belongings into general groups. Then, we invite your input on which items to keep, discard, re-categorize or relocate.



We send you a list of organizational products and await your feedback. Once we have tailored the list to your preferences, we handle the product shopping, delivery, and installation. Finally, we create and apply custom labels both for easy maintenance and as a beautiful finishing touch.

Ready to work together?

We offer complimentary phone consultations where you can tell us about your style and goals for your space.

"Savannah is a miracle worker! I am a stay-at-home mom with four kids, and Savannah managed to organize our guest bathroom, my closet, our master bath, and my husband's closet in a way that has made everyday life more simple and intuitive. She decreased clutter, organized and beautifully labeled everything! And it's so nicely done that even I can maintain it! That may be the real miracle!"

-  Megan Little

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